Attendance Allowance

Attendance Allowance is paid if you are over State Pension age and need support in your daily life because of a long-term physical or mental health condition. It is NOT about payment to a carer or helper who comes into your home to support you; you are entitled to it whether or not you have help from an external agency. You can apply for it whatever your income or savings are.

Don’t be put off by the length of the application form – 30 pages! And always remember to record about your bad days when you are filling this in, rather than your best days (though it may need to be one of your better days to embark on this!)

This factsheet from an organisation called Independent Age explains who can get Attendance Allowance and how to apply. (The full address is very long. This tinyurl will get you to it.) 

You can download the actual form using this link (again shortened into a tinyurl)

It would also be helpful to download the Notes document – only 12 pages (!), with a very useful list on page 3 saying what you need to have ready before you start

I know the application process sounds rather gruesome but please don’t be too put off by it. Perhaps working with someone to help would make it seem more manageable.

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