Welcome to Sarah Robinson

Parkinson’s UK are always looking to improve the support they provide locally to everyone living with Parkinson’s. With that in mind, they have made a new ISW post for the Hampshire area.  (An ISW is an Information and Support Worker). Ann Denton who has been the ISW for our Hampshire residents had an enormous patch to cover, from the Isle of Wight all the way up to us which sounds like a nearly impossible task for one person.  Sarah Robinson has now joined the ISW team and she is taking over from Ann to cover the NE Hampshire area.  If you need to speak to an ISW and you live in our area of Hampshire, then Sarah is the person you should now contact : 0808 225 9825.


We are sorry to lose Ann who has been a good friend to the branch over the past few years and we wish her well with her role in her new area. Welcome Sarah – we hope that you soon feel at home with us. 

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