Easy turn / easy slide sheets

We have been contacted by a firm selling Easy Turn / Easy slide bedsheets.  They are promoting 2 types of sheets. The Easy Slide ones are 100% polyester with a satin weave finish for minimum friction. They are fitted so they do not ride up as you turn.  The Easy Turn sheets has all the same properties of the Easy Slide sheet but with advantage of a non slidy fabric joined at the foot end of the sheet allowing the heels to get grip and give added push to turn ove. 

The firm only trades on the internet and their web address is http://www.betweenthesheets.co.uk/easy-slide-easy-turn.htm  When I tried to follow this link, my computer blocked it, perhaps because their tag-line includes the word “exotic”(!)I got through OK when I put “between the sheets” into Google and followed the link from there

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