Farnham Farmers’ Market cake stall

Tea stallWe were invited to run the refreshment stall at Farnham Farmers’ Market in June. It was quite a steep learning curve, starting with the fact that we were at our busiest when other stall holders came across from 9:30 to buy tea and a slice of cake – but we hadn’t expected to get going until 10am. There is also a distinct knack in keeping an urn on the go all the time with boiling water. No sooner had we decided there was a bit of a lull in proceedings and topped up with cold water than someone arrived wanting tea or coffee. We had a great selection of cakes which sold very well. We made a profit of just over £160, so a morning well-spent. It would have been even better if it hadn’t come on to rain and if we had spotted more promptly that the gazebo was leaking! Thank you to all the bakers and the helpers on the day.

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