Ukelele concert

What is the best compliment a group can get at the end of a concert? A member of the audience coming up and asking if they can perform at another event!

This is what happened when Kevin Manley brought a small ukulele group to our November social evening . It was one of the best evenings we have ever had and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it. We were still buzzing about it weeks later. The key was the first song – if we sang along to that, the evening would probably be a success. Did we sing?! Too right we did … and we were still going strong 45 minutes later with the final song, “Sailing” complete with actions. Part way through came the big challenge : we were all to sing “Pack up your troubles in your old kitbag” followed by “It’s a long way to Tipperary”, then one half of the room sang “Pack up your troubles” again while the other half sang “Tipperary”. We did it so well, that we did it all over again, and loved it.

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