“Ready Reads” – getting books from the library

Ready Reads is a new service in Hampshire, aimed at getting real books (ie not digital versions) to people.

How ‘Ready Reads’ works: (taken from their website) :

Customers phone or go online to complete a form and share the types of books they would like to read.
Staff will use their library expertise to handpick books that customers might enjoy. It’s a chance to try something new.
Customers will then be contacted within five days to say when the books are ready for collection. Items will be loaned for around five weeks.

You have to fill in an on-line form which you access from their website (link above). It asks you a few questions about what type of book you like, how many you want and how often you want to be offered books. I’ve just gone on line and done this – so I will await developments!
(I found the form a bit odd. It seemed to have only 5 questions, none about my book preferences. Once I had answered those first questions, more appeared)

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