Well-being support from National Officer

I’ve had an update from Tina Kislingbury our local support advisor about well-being support. Here is what she has said

“People still have the opportunity to request a wellbeing call via our website” . Click here to access this

When you follow this link, you will see a form to be filled in which will lead to a follow-up within two days.

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Leaflet of simple exercises

I make no apology for making another post about exercising. Parkinson’s UK is very clear that exercise is very important, indeed I have heard it called “the new medication”. Active Surrey has made a leaflet giving 6 very simple exercises which help with strength and balance. Enjoy!
Click here for leaflet

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Bird feeder webcams

If you want a restful pastime, I can recommend the following bird feeder webcams

The first one is at the RSPB site in Dorset. You see lots of familiar birds though there is no sound available. (I have found that sometimes the webcam is not functioning)

The next one is in Lancaster. When I first looked at it, there was a bird about the size of a jay on it which was bright red. Then I realised that it was Lancaster, Pennsylavnia! It is beside a stream so you hear the gentle sound of that as well as seeing familiar and less familiar birds. It is on a different time zone, so it is not really daylight until our midday

And finally, one in South Africa

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Fitness with Flair

Brittany Roberts will be hosting her “Fitness with Flair” classes on-line starting on Friday 15th January. I’ve done several of these and I enjoy them. They are a good blend of exercises as such normally done seated and exercises built into simple dance routines. A good work-out for both body and mind! There will be ten weeks of classes from January to March. There is no commitment to attend all of them.
The classes are intended for people with Parkinson’s but are equally useful for a partner / spouse.
More details on Brittany’s flyer. Click on it to see the full sized version

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Using nordic walking poles

A member has let me know that he has found the use of nordic walking poles very beneficial. They help him balance and have therefore improved his mobility. One big advantage is that they are, in his words, “infinitely adjustable” so can be adjusted to suit your height.

So what are nordic walking poles? I’m not sure they are that much different from normal hiking poles, which might give you the same benefit. One point is that the base of the pole is a 45degree wedge which is intended to help propel you forwards. They are specifically intended for walking on more or less level ground.

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Quiz answers (from Christmas)

I promised to upload the answers to Sharon’s quizzes which were sent out before Christmas. Here they are. Hope you enjoyed them!


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Where to go when you feel unwell

At this worrying time, it can be difficult to be sure what to do if you feel unwell. In effect, the NHS system operates as usual with local pharmacies, GPs, the 111 service all available as well as Accident and Emergency. Please use the link below for further details.

Click here

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FPH change to visiting times

Given the current rise in Covid-19 cases locally, Frimley Park Hospital have had to change their protocols about visiting in-patients. The following is taken from their website and this gives further details including phone numbers for different wards : click here 

Visiting in person
If you wish to have an essential in-person visit with a family member or friend who is a patient, you must book an appointment by calling the relevant ward between 9am and 3pm . Our staff will check that a visit is possible and, if it is, will help to book an appointment.

The website also says :

Where possible please ring 111 before attending Accident and Emergency. 111 will be able to best direct you to get the medical treatment you require.

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Links from October Newsletter

Here are the links from the October Newsletter. This should be easier than typing in the long web address.

Healthwatch survey for carers in Hampshire : click here

Healthwatch survey for carers in Surrey : click here

How to Tech guides : click here

Boredom Busters : click here

Dial-a-Ride and Fleet link buses : click here This will enable you to register for the service.

Hoppa bus in Waverley : click here

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More from Carers UK

Over 400 carers have now attended the Carers UK twice weekly online meet-ups. If you haven’t tried one yet, they’d love to see you there. On Mondays at 3pm they hold “Care for a Cuppa”, which is an opportunity for you to take a short break and share your experiences with other carers from across the UK.

On Thursdays at 3pm they run Share and Learn, where they invite external guests to facilitate sessions on many topics, from carer wellbeing to creative writing and music. In July, professional singer and carer, Jacky Webbe had everyone singing and dancing to a string of Motown hits!

To register for one or more of our online meet-ups, visit our website

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