Offer of a phone call from Carers UK

During the last few months, the Caring Caller volunteers of Carers UK have made over 180 calls to Carers UK members to check in on how they are feeling. These calls aim to offer support to anyone feeling anxious and isolated during the coronavirus crisis. To request a call from a Caring Caller, please email

If you are not yet a member, it is very easy to sign up and I think it is free. Follow this link:

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AskSara – an advice service for purchasing equipment

AskSara is a new website run by the Disability Living Foundation. It describes itself as  providing “Impartial advice about equipment to help make daily living easier.” It is fairly easy to navigate : you can choose from a range of options, you are asked some questions about what you find difficult, then you get a detailed report giving suggestions about how to cope and examples of equipment that you might find useful.

I went through the process answering the questions about memory just to see how it works. There were 17 questions and I got a document in response with a page for each issue raised. In some cases, there were several products suggested. So lots to look through; maybe better suited in some cases to a carer or family member looking at it with you

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How to guides for using new technology

Do Zoom, WhatsApp, Siri etc, etc leave you feeling bamboozled? I know some of them make me feel that way. The Surrey Coalition of Disabled People have put together some useful How To … guides.

Click here to read them

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Amazing resources list when staying at home

I’ve come across the most amazing resources list which is described as boredom busters if you are staying at home. Click here to see it

I particularly enjoyed the live webcams : . I looked at this mid-afternoon and saw elephants at a watering-hole. How good is that?!

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Getting help to stay at home

I recently spoke to a member who had some simple improvements done at home which made it much easier for her husband to cope. Most obviously this was a wide step and a sturdy handrail at the front door.

She had “got the ball rolling” by calling Adult Social Services and that call led to a visit from an occupational therapist within a few days (and this was during the lockdown). She recommended some improvements which were completed promptly. It also led to some visits by a physiotherapist. So , just one phone call reaped rewards!

This was in Hampshire and the contacts are Telephone : 0300 555 1390

I don’t have any information about how good the equivalent service is in Surrey. The contact details are as follows : or call 0300 200 1005

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Exercise videos from Parkinson’s UK

During lockdown, Parkinsons’s UK have been putting up a series of videos to help you keep exercising. They are on YouTube and if you click here, you should get to a list of them.

Lots of choice including balance, seated exercises, aerobic exercises etc, even Qigong though I don’t know what that is! Each video typically last about 30 minutes though of course there is no need to complete a video in one go.

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Virtual garden visits

If you are missing the opportunity to visit gardens, then this website might be the one for you.

You have a choice of a short video tours around some of the beautiful gardens which would otherwise have been opening under the National Garden Scheme.

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Recliner chairs available (free)

The neighbour of a member has three recliner chairs which she is hoping will find a good home, for free. Please contact me, Katherine 01252 621350 and I will put you in touch with the owner.

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“Ready Reads” – getting books from the library

Ready Reads is a new service in Hampshire, aimed at getting real books (ie not digital versions) to people.

How ‘Ready Reads’ works: (taken from their website) :

Customers phone or go online to complete a form and share the types of books they would like to read.
Staff will use their library expertise to handpick books that customers might enjoy. It’s a chance to try something new.
Customers will then be contacted within five days to say when the books are ready for collection. Items will be loaned for around five weeks.

You have to fill in an on-line form which you access from their website (link above). It asks you a few questions about what type of book you like, how many you want and how often you want to be offered books. I’ve just gone on line and done this – so I will await developments!
(I found the form a bit odd. It seemed to have only 5 questions, none about my book preferences. Once I had answered those first questions, more appeared)

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Carers UK: information for carers

Carers UK have a wide range of information on their website. If you have never been there, it is worth looking at. Click here to visit it.

For the page specifically about coping during the Coronavirus pandemic, click here

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