Coronavirus help

First and foremost, we hope all our members and everyone else visiting this site stays well and stays safe during the current health emergency.


Here are some local phone numbers which you can use if you need help eg with shopping, getting medication, befriending etc.
Hampshire : (Hart / Rushmoor) 0333 370 4000
Waverley : 01483 523204
Surrey Heath : 03oo 200 1008


The following is all about the help and advice available from Parkinson’s UK

The national organisation has reminded us that their Helpline is still open 0808 800 0303. They are generally open 9am – 5pm on weekdays and on Saturdays from 10am – 2pm. For full details about the Helpline, click here Please note that they are able to give information and advice about medical issues.


The Parkinson’s UK website has a wealth of information, almost too much !

Click here to help you navigate to what you need to know

They have recently published a booklet covering a lot of ground and you can down load this from the link here. (Just be aware that it is a 28 page colour document) It includes several pages about exercises

Parkinson’s and Coronavirus booklet

Please remember also to look under Our News or Recent Posts in the sidebar for the weekly posts during the lockdown.


Here are links to some of the key pages posted earlier on the main website for Parkinson’s UK

Understanding Coronavirus and Parkinson’s

Ideas for exercising at home

Hints to stop you going “stir crazy”

Hints on how to “stay connected” during the lockdown


Some details on exercising

The webpage on exercising is quite long with a lot of important information eg about checking the area you are going to use is safe and free of hazards such as rugs. There are also several key links and I have chosen a few of these which I hope you find helpful.

There is a set of exercises prepared by the NHS. They are based on photographs with instructions, instead of a video which does give you time to follow what to do. They are not specifically aimed at people with Parkinson’s so be prepared to “pick and mix” ones you think are suitable for you.

Exercises to build strength

Exercises for flexibility

Exercises for balance

Exercises you can do seated

If you wish to try and follow a video, I’ve picked three from the suggested ones.

Exercising at home This is my favourite; a really pleasant and encouraging presenter! It is though rather slow to get going.Running time about 35 minutes

Parkinson’s Move and Shout class 50 minute video. A bit like our class run by Mike Edwards in Badshot Lea but without music … (and with an American accent!)

Seated exercise class Another American video, this time from Florida. Running time about 25 minutes

The internet is currently awash with short videos and I hope you find something which you can use. I felt very odd following a video at first, but it is the new normal now.


A link for carers

Carers UK is a good source of information and support for carers. Click here

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