Exercise tips

Exercise is increasingly seen as an important activity for people with Parkinson’s. This page gives you some links – or , even better, you can come along to one of our two weekly classes, described on our Regular Events page

Ideas for exercising at home

Some details on exercising

The Parkinsons UK webpage on exercising is quite long with a lot of important information eg about checking the area you are going to use is safe and free of hazards such as rugs. There are also several key links and I have chosen a few of these which I hope you find helpful.

There is a set of exercises prepared by the NHS. They are based on photographs with instructions, instead of a video which does give you time to follow what to do. They are not specifically aimed at people with Parkinson’s so be prepared to “pick and mix” ones you think are suitable for you.

Exercises to build strength

Exercises for flexibility

Exercises for balance

Exercises you can do seated

If you wish to try and follow a video, I’ve picked three from the suggested ones.

Exercising at home This is my favourite; a really pleasant and encouraging presenter! It is though rather slow to get going. Running time about 35 minutes

Parkinson’s Move and Shout class 50 minute video from America

Seated exercise class An American video from Florida. Running time about 25 minutes

The internet is awash with short videos and I hope you find something which you can use. I felt very odd following a video at first, but it is the new normal now.


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